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I'm a female Canadian - born and raised. My favourite things are tea, inline skating, ball-joint dolls, clothes and cute things. I'm one half girly and one half tom boy - I'm either acting like a matron or one of the boys half the time. My main hobby is my BJD (Ball-jointed dolls) and that means photographing them, sewing for them, making things for them, etc. I still like looking at some EGL (Elegant gothic lolita) although I no longer own any or wear it. I also read manga and watch anime although both are done sporadically and I do not tend to keep up to date with any series. I also love animals and particularly adore my smooth coat chihuahua named Bloom. I'm also a University student going for a BA in Communications and Culture - hoping to get a minor in Anthropology.

I can come off very harsh and angry and sometimes have a downright foul mouth but I can also be very forgiving, understanding and cheerful. I'm definitely abit moody at times but the bark is worst than the bite.

I'm friendly so I welcome curious people who just want to chat or are interested in anything I talk about - especially BJD or toys! :)